Capturing the Wedding Day

Photographing weddings are not for the faint of heart. Wedding photographers have it the HARDest because we shoot in some of the most potentially stressful environments EVER. There is so much going on at weddings and a lot of it falls on us as the wedding photographer. You only have one chance to make it, or break it.

The time leading up to the big day typically involves numerous consults (in person or on the phone) with your bride, visiting the venue to map out potential portrait locations, creating the perfect timeline for her day, mapping out a plan B for weather conditions (if outdoor), completing a family portrait checklist, and much more.

I cannot stress enough how important it is that a bride be trusting of her photographer, have compatible personalities, and that she know what style to expect from her photographer. She will be spending more time with her photographer than anyone else on her special day so these, what seems minor, elements are critical in making the big day more relaxed and enjoyable.

My job is to be the expert in the wedding day timeline, lighting, portraits, herding people, soothing the bride and her entourage, and deliver an exceptional service and timeless images.

Shots your photographer should plan for on the wedding day:

  • Wedding Details
  • Bride Getting Ready
  • Bridal Portraits
  • Groom Getting Ready
  • Bridesmaids Portraits
  • Groom Portraits
  • Groomsmen Portraits
  • Ceremony
  • Wedding Party Portraits
  • Husband & Wife Portraits
  • Family Portraits
  • Reception Details
  • Reception Toasts
  • Cake Cutting
  • Reception First Dance
  • Reception Dancing
  • Bouquet & Garter Toss
  • Formal Exit

Next up, I’ll be tackling family formals and how to organize everyone on the wedding day – AND I’ll be giving away my family formals checklist, free to download!



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