Country Club Wedding: Lacey + Chris

I first met Lacey and Chris back in December to chat about their wedding details and immediately fell in love with this couple!  Lacey welcomed me in like I had been her close friend for years and we even shared a little pre-wedding adventure that I’ll never forget!

In early spring, we planned to meet at the Cleveland Country Club to finalize the details of her timeline and was surprised when the manager greeted us and offered a golf cart to tour the grounds.  We certainly couldn’t turn down the offer!

Neither of us knew much about battery powered golf carts, but we jumped on the cart and off we went!  I was having a ball playing the role of chauffeur and Lacey probably felt like we were on a race track the way I was flying around those curves!  SO MUCH FUN!

After making our way around the club side of the course (backwards around the holes, I must add), we decided to take a peek at the rest of the course across the street.  So…we drove our cart into the middle of the road and waited at the stoplight (I didn’t know until later that there’s a tiny button on the light pole that the golfers should press before crossing at the stoplight).  I won’t lie, it was terrifying crossing the intersection in a golf cart!!

At the end of the day, we found our perfect portrait locations and we made it back alive!!

I’ve had many adventures with my brides, but this was one of the best days!  I know, I know…this doesn’t sound like much a story to you, but in my field you make personal connections with people in some of the most unique ways!

Lacey and Chris were wed at the Central United Methodist Church in Uptown Shelby with the reception following at the Country Club.  This bride could not have been more beautiful (and she’s also one of the sweetest people you’ll find)!!!  The entire day was filled with so much love and joy pouring out from friends and family and I couldn’t have asked for a more sweet and helpful bunch of bridesmaids!  The girls rushed around with me ALL DAY, making sure that everything was perfect (a HUGE thanks goes out to those beautiful ladies)!

As I watched Lacey and Chris leave in their GORGEOUS Corvette, I quickly packed my gear and followed them home where we did a mini-session with their sweet fur-baby, Gracie!

I am beyond thrilled to share their incredible wedding day story with you today and hope you enjoy it as much as I have!


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