Freedom Park Engagement Session: Angeline + Davis

This Freedom Park engagement session is one of my favorites!  Angeline and Davis told me they had never had professional pictures made before, but they sure could have fooled me!  They were such naturals in front of the camera and the sweetest people you’ll find!

Davis proposed with his grandmother’s diamond, which he had mounted in a stunning platinum ring!  The story of how they met is definitely one for the books!  Angeline tells it best so I’m going to let her take over from here!

I moved to Charlotte in 2018 for a new graduate position as a nurse. In one of my “new grad” classes I met my now maid of honor, Nicole. Our friendship immediately blossomed. Throughout the summer of 2018, more friends of friends moved here after graduating and our friend group kept expanding. It was during this summer that Davis and I matched on Bumble.

We talked for a few weeks without making any solid plans to meet up. However, one night after a baseball game (that I went to with Nicole) we met up with friends at a local pub. Up walks Davis….(I was scheduled to work four 12 hour shifts back to back the day after this so I was in a very antisocial mood by the time he showed up). He says, “hey aren’t you Angeline (pronouncing it An-ja-leen) and I very *rudely* corrected him and said, “actually it’s An-ja-line.”

The poor guy made conversation with me the rest of the night, but I had just about royally messed up. When I got home, I texted him apologizing and we made plans to meet up that following Wednesday for darts and a drink. We have been locked at the hip ever since! So we basically met through mutual friends, but it took almost 9 months of me living here to actually cross paths with each other.

Now is that not the most fun story about meeting your soulmate?!  I told Angeline that she should sell her story to Hallmark!  I could go on and on about these two wonderful people, but I know you’re dying to see their pictures!  Here’s to happily ever after!


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