Majestic Mill Wedding: Giselle + Peter

Giselle and Peter’s Majestic Mill wedding was the most fun and unique wedding of the year.  The decor was exquisite, the wedding party was enthusiastic, the ceremony melted everyone’s heart, the reception turned into a masquerade ball, and the love and laughter was overflowing from every room.

As the final touches of baby’s-breath was placed into Giselle’s hair and the dressed was carefully buttoned, she and her father had their first look, having a sweet and quiet moment before the ceremony.

Peter was so excited and anxious to see his bride walk down the aisle.  When Giselle turned the corner and he had his first look, the emotion filled the room.  The ceremony was not only funny at times, but also emotional for everyone when the couple read their hand-written vows (the award for the best written vows goes to these two).  I struggled to keep it together and even a few family members caught me wiping the tears from my eyes.  Stay with me until the end because you’ll get to read part of those vows and you don’t want to miss it!  Giselle, thank you for sharing those precious words with us.

When we transitioned into portraits, I wanted to incorporate something new into Giselle and Peter’s portraits.  So, being that their color theme was purples and greens, I brought along a purple and green smoke bomb.  I knew this was going to be a bit tricky because the wind had picked up and it started to drizzle.  However, with the help of a groomsmen, the colored smoke backdrop was a huge success.

The reception kicked off with the first dances and we couldn’t take our eyes off of the fabulous couple.  Giselle then slipped into her reception shoes (her converse sneakers, which she and Peter had attached over 1,000 pearls to) and the party started.  Many of us were curious about the ribbons flowing out of the bottom tier of the cake, but later understood the purpose.  Since over half of Giselle’s family is from New Orleans, she wanted to incorporate a New Orleans tradition…the Wedding Cake Pull.  This tradition is a way for the bride to share her good fortune at finding happiness with all of her friends.  Each single friend is to pull a ribbon and the charm attached at the end is a prediction for their future.  How cool is this?!

Before the reception shifted into a masquerade ball, the couple wanted to do their exit.  The confetti thrown during the exit was homemade by Giselle and her grandmother.  The confetti included bird seed and dried magnolia leaves from her grandmother’s home that they punched thousands of little hearts out of.  This Majestic Mill wedding is one I will never forget and capturing the love between this incredible couple has been more than an honor.  I hope you enjoy the beginning of their love story as much as I have.


What we share is a once in a lifetime love and I never knew what I’d been missing until I met you. 

You told me once that our love was like a mountain. The day we met, we were like two tectonic plates colliding together to begin building our mountain. No matter what struggles we faced, or weathered our mountain, it remained solid. Today we are building our new family on that mountain knowing it may shake and face elements we cannot predict, but it will be built to weather any unforeseen circumstances because we will build it together. Our partnership is built on equality, trust, faith, and above all: the love God has given us for one another.
Reflecting on our relationship, there is no definitive moment where I knew I was in love with you. As Jane Austen wrote, “I cannot fix on the hour, or the spot, or the look or the words, which laid the foundation. It is too long ago. I was in the middle before I knew that I had begun.” 
Loving you is as easy as breathing or falling asleep, and we both know I’m pretty good at the latter. You are my favorite good morning and my longest good night. I never feel safer or happier than when I’m wrapped in your embrace. 
And so today in front of our friends and family, I ask you for forever. I vow to support you in all your hopes and dreams. I vow to challenge you to strive for the goals that seem unreachable. I vow to share in your joys and to lift your sorrows. And lastly, I vow to love you endlessly until death do we part, and probably even after that too because “Whatever souls are made out of, (yours) and mine are the same”. 


If you missed their amazing engagement session, you can check it out HERE.


Venue/Planner: Majestic Mill Weddings

Hair Stylist: Rebecca Merriman – La Bonne Vie Salon

Wedding Gown: Poffie Girls

Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal

Suits & Veil: Bedazzled

Caterer & Cake: Guilty Pleasures

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