Mountain Engagement Session: Ivy + Brian

Ivy and Brian’s mountain engagement session was so sweet and romantic!  They even brought along some champagne and their precious little fur baby, Niko.  There have been many celebrations at this family farm so it was extra special for Ivy.

These two have the sweetest story so I’m going to let Ivy take over from here!  🙂

We both went to Burns High School, but had different friend groups and never shared a class.  He was on the wrestling team, took computer classes, and spent his weekends going to parties.  I was on the soccer team and stressing about my GPA (I definitely just remembered him as a “partier” in high school).

Skip ahead about 6 years and I’m in graduate school at UNCG.  Brian is back in Shelby working for Machine Builders.  My cousin, Katie, is friends with Brian’s cousin, so she and Brian became friends.  Our two cousins decided that I would be the perfect match for Brian.

It’s so funny to hear them talk about this time because everyone says that Brian decided he was in love with me and only talked about me for several months.

I was very hesitant about going on a date with him because I only knew him as the “partier” from high school.  Well, I finally said yes after Katie and my other cousin reassured me that he had changed and would be the perfect guy for me.  We went on our first date in Shelby and for our second date, he came to Greensboro.  I always loved that he brought me out of my comfort zone (he even let me help drive his straight drive Jeep) Not to mention, he fit in so well with my family – he had already met everyone in my family before our first date!

When he came to Greensboro, he had just gotten back from Bonnaroo (a music festival in Tennessee) and he brought me back a stuffed monkey, which he knew was my all-time favorite animal.  He said it was his mission to take me with him the next year because he knew I would love it.  A couple weeks after that date, my family was leaving to go to the beach.  My cousins thought it would be the best idea to invite Brian to come down to the beach for a couple days…so he did!  He hasn’t missed a family beach trip since!

We officially started dating after we got back from that first beach trip and we’re going to our 3rd Bonnaroo music festival together this year!


  1. Becky says:

    The pictures are amazing, as is their story. Such a great couple. I’m proud to have Ivy join our family. ( Brian is m nephew. ) I know they will have a wonderful life together ❤️

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