Pretty Place Chapel Anniversary Session: Ashlyn + Greg

Ashlyn and Greg just celebrated their 10 year anniversary and they have a love like no other.  They wanted to do something special to celebrate this milestone and reached out to me about doing an anniversary session.  Ashlyn chose the Pretty Place Chapel and the panoramic mountain views took my breath away!  From the chapel, we headed over to Triple Falls and had the best time!!

The way these two hold each other and look at each other would make you think that they just started dating!  Ashlyn and Greg have two of the most precious children you’ll ever meet and they are such a close knit family!

So how did their love story begin?  I’m going to let Ashlyn tell this part of the story!

“I give Greg a hard time about the first time we officially met. We were set up on a blind date and were planning to go to the fair (my choice) on Saturday for our 1st date. Well, he wanted to make sure I was ‘acceptable’ to take to such a public place for a first date and asked me to meet him for lunch at Substation the day before. I was waiting in the parking lot when he pulled in. He parks, gets out of his truck, and starts toward me.  Then all of a sudden, after getting about halfway to me, he turns around gets back in his truck.  At this time, I think he’s seen me and is now leaving, as he backs out of the parking spot.  So I get back in my car. Then all of a sudden, he taps on my window. I get out and he wants to hug me and tells me he had just gotten his truck the month before and was afraid someone would hit the back of it. From that moment on, we were inseparable. Even though neither one of us would admit we wanted a ‘serious’ relationship, we knew from the first time we met that we were meant to be.”

If that story doesn’t make you think of a Hallmark movie, just wait until you hear how he proposed.  While Greg and Ashlyn were on a cruise, he purposely started an argument with her so that she would be thrown off guard when he proposed.  So in the middle of what Ashlyn didn’t know was a “fake fight,” Greg proposed.  What a great surprise and certainly the best way to get over an argument!  Stay until the end and you’ll get to see a picture of when they started dating and one from their wedding!  Let me tell you folks, Ashlyn just keeps getting more and more beautiful!  One day, I’ll figure out her secret!

Getting to know this incredible couple over the years has been such a blessing!  I am honored to call them my friends and to capture this beautiful moment in their lives!  Cheers to decades more!


  1. Greg says:

    I truly married my best friend and my love for her grows everyday! I can’t wait to see what the next 10 years has in stored for us!!!! Ashley thanks so much for capturing our love and our kids with your awesome pictures! You are truly blessed with a awesome talent!! Thanks again

    • Ashley Koch says:

      I won’t lie, I get a little teary when I think about how strong and beautiful your love is for one another. Not to mention how incredible your children are! It brings me so much joy to capture all of the many milestones for your precious family!!! Thank you so much for your kind words and for allowing me to create these memories for you!! Cheers to decades more!!!

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