Realtor Branding Session: Jennifer + Shane

Jennifer and Shane are a husband and wife team that have recently stepped into the real estate world.  However, they are certainly not newbies when it comes to real estate.  For years, these two have been buying, improving, and selling homes.  This amazing duo have joined the Huitt Realty team, but that’s not all.

Aside from working with homeowners and flipping houses, they also work directly with clients in staging their homes.  Jennifer has an amazing gift for interior design and staging, and works one on one with clients on personal design projects.  During this branding session, I had the opportunity to see the amazing work they have done on their on home and it made for the perfect setting for this branding shoot!  Go check out some of Jennifer’s personal work and her in-home branding session here!

We started Jennifer and Shane’s branding session at their home and their only request was that it not be stuffy, but relatable and personal!  Shane is a native of Cleveland County so we decided to do the second half of the session in Uptown Shelby.  Did I mention that these two have been my dear friends for many years and they’ve stuck by me since I started my own business?!

Shane has excelled since joining Huitt Realty!  He always goes above and beyond for every client and is the most trustworthy and hardworking person I know!  For this branding shoot, he wanted to show people that he’s not your average “suit and tie” realtor.  So we moved over to his office for a few shots.  I was surprised to find that he has a mild obsession with all things Marvel and his office space clearly shows that!  What do you know…I, too, love all things Marvel!  Shane said he has a little bit of a geeky side and he’s not afraid to show it!

Some of my favorite shots of Jennifer and Shane were at the very end of this session.  They each wanted to wear casual outfits and sport their Huitt Realty hats!  Jennifer said that this is how they look most of the time so they wanted to show their fun side!

I can’t tell you what an honor it is to work with two!  They are certainly a power couple and I’m blessed to call them my friends!  If you’re looking to buy/sell a home or need an interior designer to revamp your home, look no further!!  Go check out Worcester Realty and follow along with Jennifer’s design projects on Instagram!


  1. Such a delightful read about Jennifer and Shane’s journey in the real estate world! 🏡💑 It’s heartwarming to see a husband and wife team bringing their personal touch to the business

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