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I recently had the pleasure of working with Rust and Feathers Farm on a product shoot for their grand reopening and it was so much fun!  After photographing their beautiful line of handcrafted goats milk soap, I think I may be hooked!  Not only are the products unique, but they smell heavenly!

Taylor grew up raising and caring for goats and she’s always had a special connection with them.  Several years ago, she told her husband, Justin, that she wanted to add goats to their farm.  Justin jokingly said, “If you’re going to have goats, give them a purpose.”

So after some brainstorming with her best friend (and fellow dairy goat farmer), Taylor had a plan.  She was going to jump into the dairy goat business and start making soap!  With a lot of hard work, Taylor knew that she could turn this hobby into a business that could one day provide not only for her herd, but also her family!

Let me tell you…the hard work paid off!

After a lot of research and many attempts, Taylor finally found a method and recipe she loved for making handcrafted soap.  Taylor takes pride in hand milking her small herd of 5-6 dairy goats twice daily.   After milking each goat, the milk gets filtered, weighed, and stored for soap making.  Taylor’s goats have not only become part of her identity, but they are also part of the family – they each have a name and their own unique personality.

How is this handcrafted soap made?

When it’s time to make soap, the raw goats milk gets blended with raw oils and butters.  From coconut oil to shea butter, hemp seed oil, as well as many other organic materials to create custom bars and scents.  Taylor will even add small details like poppy seed for exfoliation, or activated charcoal and pink rose clay for facial bars.  Once each bar is made, they cure 4 weeks and are ph tested for safety.

Taylor takes pride in caring for her small herd and using them to create products that go from her farm to your home.  Check out some of her amazing products below, including the handcrafted goats milk soap, beard oils, and a new line of distressed farm shirts!  If you like what you see, show Rust and Feathers Farm some love and start shopping online today!!

Keep an eye out this spring because our next photoshoot will be with Taylor’s beloved goats!  🙂
Support your local businesses and shop with Rust and Feathers Farm today!!

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