Socially Stetson Personal Branding Shoot

When Stetson shows up to a branding shoot, she comes to PARTY!!  This fabulous lady is my muse so I’m always looking for an excuse to get her in front of my camera!

I recently teamed up with Belle’s Place to help design a setup for their vintage airstream.  So when it came time to recruit a model, Stetson was the first person that came to mind!  She has the most contagious smile and her bubbly personality radiates onto everyone she meets!  Not to mention, her props and outfits are always on point!

Stetson has built a thriving marketing company where she coaches solopreneurs on how to “pop & grow” their businesses by using social media platforms!  Her personal brand is tropical themed and I can’t think about champagne, palm trees, or tequila without her coming to mind!  Never underestimate the power of brand awareness!  😉

If you’re on the hunt for a social media marketing coach, look no further!  Socially Stetson has transformed so many businesses so let yours be next!  Go sign up for her “socially growing membership” and start up-leveling your business today!  And don’t forget to give her a follow @sociallystetson!

If you love Stetson’s accessories, you can shop for your own at the links below!

Champagne Earrings – The Tiny Tassel (design inspired by Evelyn Henson)

Whiskey Earrings – L. Mae Boutique

Tequila – Clase Azul



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