South Mountain Engagements: Elizah + Colton

Elizah and Colton’s South Mountain engagement session is definitely one for the books!  Not only are they the most beautiful couple you’ll ever lay eyes on, but they are so fun and adventurous!  So adventurous that they were excited when I asked if they would be interested in jumping in the river!  We scouted for the perfect river spot and we all three waded in!

Just when you think it can’t get any better, they shared with me one of the most unique love stories I’ve ever heard!  If Nicholas Sparks is looking for inspiration for his next book, here it is!

The two met on Tinder back in 2016 when they were both living in Tennessee.  After setting up a date, Elizah decided last minute that she wasn’t going to go through with it.  However, Colton wasn’t taking “no” for an answer and talked her into going out for a drink.  The two had a blast together, but Elizah wasn’t really available at the time and moved back to NC.

Colton knew that she was the one from the moment they met and would reach out to her at least once a month to keep in touch.

During one of his monthly “check-ins” in 2017, he told Elizah that he was applying to some new jobs and she offered to work on his resume. Elizah said, “I felt like God was telling me to do it.”  That resume got him the job he has now.

He told her he owed her a beer to say “thank you,” but Elizah didn’t think much of it because they lived in different states.  “He stayed on my brain as what I called the ‘what if’ guy and I always wished I would have gotten to know him better when I was in Tennessee.”

Then comes St Patrick’s day of 2018.  Elizah was having a shamrock beer and decided to message Colton to tell him that he seemed like such a great catch and that she was sorry she missed out on getting to know him.  She didn’t think anything would come from it because she assumed he was still living in Tennessee, and she was living in Raleigh at that time.

Colton was working out of town, in Washington State, at the time.  He replied to her message and said if she were still interested, he would love to fly her to Washington for dinner – or if she was more comfortable he would fly to Raleigh.

Elizah thought it was crazy, but her mom said “why not, you’ve always wondered about him?!”  Next thing you know, Colton is flying to Raleigh and in Elizah’s words, “he charmed me like crazy!”  A few weeks later, he flew back to Raleigh to visit and eventually started flying in every weekend.  The two officially started dating in June of last year and he proposed this past April.

I’m thrilled to share part of their love story on the blog today and can’t wait for their spring wedding next year!


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