Why Anniversary Sessions Are Important

Recently, I have been spending time reflecting on the past years. Where I started and where I am now, and it’s hard to believe that my 2014 couples are coming up on their FIFTH YEAR anniversaries.  The craziest part for me is that I started Broad River Photography in 2007, so those couples…12 YEAR ANNIVERSARIES.  My goodness, have I really been doing this photography thing for over a decade?! I feel like I’m a grandparent in the industry at this point.

In August, Aaron and I will be celebrating our ten-year anniversary…a DECADE of marriage! While it seems like a long time when we consider everything that has happened in these years together, the moments also fade into the back of our memories more quickly than I’d like to admit.

I’m so embarrassed to say, but we have not invested in photos of ourselves since our wedding day TEN years ago.  Boy, do I regret it now! Don’t get me wrong, I cherish our engagement and wedding photos that are displayed around our home, but we were 24 and 26 year old. Just the other day, I noticed Aaron standing in the hallway, staring at our pictures and he turned to me and said, “We don’t even look like that anymore…we’ve got to get some new pictures!”

But I kept putting off having updated portraits made because I believed it was only something to do for the milestones in life. I have now realized that was crazy, and our life now is worth documenting.

Which is why Anniversary Sessions have become so big on my heart this year. I believe in marriage, and I believe that something as simple as getting dolled up and spending a couple of hours together to document your love has a HUGE impact on couples.

The wedding day is wonderful, but it’s only the start. Most couples have their engagement session and then wedding day portraits, but nothing more until they start a family. When I photograph couples during their engagement and wedding, you can see the excitement, but as the years pass it’s such a joy to see the love that has grown between them. It’s a love that has seen stress and breakdowns, achievements and champagne-popping moments.

Anniversary sessions show who you are as a couple and it’s critical to document this time in your lives. Not to mention, married people who are still in love are so much fun to photograph! So, why are anniversary sessions so important? Because they are YOUR legacy. They show how you’ve grown as a couple and that’s something worth remembering.

Have you ever thought about what kind of legacy you’ll be leaving for your kids? For their kids? For the generations that come after you? Our legacy is what the people we love will remember us by when we’re gone – and this legacy is what makes anniversary portraits so important.

Now, I agree that family portraits are great and all, but to the moms out there, let’s be honest. If your family photographer does what I’ve done at family sessions and attempts to get a few shots of just you and your husband, how distracted are you by the kids? Your mind is probably filled with thoughts like “What are they doing? Why are they fighting? Why can’t they sit still and be quiet for two minutes!?” It can make for some stressful and awkward portraits of you and your love.

This is why I think it’s NECESSARY for you to find a sitter, get all dolled up, and document your anniversary just like you did for your engagement session!  AND make a date night out of it since you’ll be looking all fabulous!

I’m very passionate about capturing the love between couples and celebrating their marriage, their vow, and their legacy. To plan or learn more about what a Broad River Photography Anniversary Session is all about, shoot me an email. I’d love to hear all about your love story!



  1. Amy Schnurr says:

    I LOVE THIS IDEA!!! I’ve never thought about pictures of just us in a lonnngggg time!!!

    • Ashley Koch says:

      Thanks so much , Amy! I’m so upset with myself that my husband and I haven’t had any that I’ve scheduled our own this year! 🙂 I truly believe that anniversary sessions are just as important as family sessions!

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