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For ten years, I have attempted to balance a full-time job and maintain my photography business (while completing my MBA in the midst of it all). During this period, I had been chasing a career that I not only love, but also a career that I can take pride in and one that is continuously fulfilling. Sounds like a dream right? A dream is what it felt like for so long, but that dream was right in front of me all along!


After years of contemplating whether or not to do photography full-time, I have finally made that leap.

I was tired of spending long nights in front of my computer trying to keep up with editing my shoots, barely keeping my head above water.   Not to mention, I was losing so much precious time with my husband, family, and friends. It wasn’t fair to anyone!

So, on May 1st, I became a REAL full-time photographer. Woohoo!! My goal is to be completely committed to my clients and begin offering extended services, as well as taking my images to the next level.

Here we go!


Curious about the latest before and after edits? View the image transformations here!

Happy Tuesday, friends!!

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I'm a small-town, North Carolina, photographer and full-time spaghetti enthusiast!  If I'm not behind my camera or computer, you'll be able to find me at the barn with my horses or in the garden - I'm pretty sure that I'm a wannabe plant lady at heart!

The blog is here to not only showcase our recent work, but also to be a resource for clients and other photographers. You'll find session and photography tips, style guides, and so much more! If there's something specific you're interested in, shoot me a message - I'd love to hear all about it!

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