Sarah’s Internship Experience

Last week was bittersweet as I met with Sarah for the last time, as my intern.  We reminisced about all of the crazy things we’ve been through together over the past 8 months and the goals we have for the upcoming year.

After last year’s 35 weddings, I realized I needed some help.  I set out to find an intern who could help me during the busy season, and sweet Sarah was an answered prayer!  Sarah’s attention to detail and her fun spirit made her the perfect intern for BRP!  Watching her excel on so many levels has been an amazing experience for me and I’m excited for you to see her before and after shots below!

Having Sarah around has taught me so much about myself and why I do things the way that I do.  Having a fresh perspective and someone to teach on a weekly basis has been so rewarding and humbling.  Words cannot express how proud I am of this girl and how much she has grown as a photographer!

What made you apply to be the intern for BRP?

I adored Ashley’s work and had been interested in having a mentor to help me learn how to build my business and attract my dream clients. I felt I would benefit the most from having my first years in photography be more education based and to have a mentor help guide me in the right direction, with the hope of going full-time one day.

What brings you great joy in photography?

What brings me great joy in photography is not only all of the real moments in between the poses and smiles that are true reflections of that particular second in time, but knowing that I get to capture one of the happiest days of my client’s life!

What are some takeaways you have from working with BRP?

Some takeaways I learned from working with BRP is you never stop learning, how to better your business, and produce quality images.

What is your favorite / funniest moment this year while working with BRP?

I have so many favorite moments while working with BRP that picking one is impossible!  From all of the crazy adventures like standing on tables or chairs, redecorating a room, or standing inside of a bush just to get the perfect shot – but the funniest moment would have to be eating dinner at an outdoor bar, in the rain and freezing cold, laughing at the drunks beside us, all while eating with plastic utensils…when my fork snaps in half in my chicken!

What’s next for you?

When I took on the internship, I was still completing my Associate of Arts degree from Gaston College. I have since graduated and now I’m finishing my first semester at Appalachian State University. I plan to graduate with my Bachelor of Science in Communications and Advertising in May of 2021. As for what’s next for my photography business, I plan to continue to educate myself, focusing on the business side, and hone in on my marketing skills. After graduation, I plan to go full-time with my photography business.

What has been your favorite thing you’ve learned so far?

My favorite thing I’ve learned so far is understanding my camera better, by shooting in manual and learning little tips and tricks that make or break an image.

Has this internship encouraged you to make any changes in your own business?  If so, what are they?

The internship has encouraged me to make many changes within my business, by offering packages that attract my ideal clients, having a workflow for inquiries and post-production, as well as creating client relationships that result in lifelong friends.

Describe your overall experience with BRP.

I can’t say enough good things about working with BRP!  I am grateful that I was given the opportunity to learn from Ashley, someone I admired I would be one day. Not only was I able to learn from one of the best in the Shelby area, but I have also gained a lifelong friend. So sad to see this phase in life end, but it’s a phase I will never forget or take for granted. Thank you, Ashley, for taking me under your wing and showing me the ropes of the photography and wedding world.

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